Monday, February 6, 2012

The Chris Rebollo Sofa ~ Step 2: Building the Warp

The first thing that we do after dyeing is weave a small sample to check how the dyed colors look woven up.

 Once the color is approved in the woven sample we can then forge ahead with making the warp.
Here is Lynnette winding spools from the dyed skeins using an umbrella swift and a walking wheel.
There were thirty five skeins of dyed yarn so we ended up with thirty five spools to make the warp.  Here are the spools set up on the skarne (spool rack) ready to start.  

 For this project we needed a 30 yard warp, 32" wide with 48 threads per inch.  The total amount of
dyed yarn was 9 pounds.   It took over six hours to make this warp, start to finish.
                                                                Here it is all chained up!
             The loom that we are using for this project is a documented 18th c. loom from Connecticut.
 This step of winding on the warp is called "beaming" because the warp is wound onto the large back beam at the rear of the loom.
                    The warp at the beginning stage of winding onto the back beam.
 The warp all beamed on showing the raddle which spaced the warp at the correct width.

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